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BUY THE BEST VEGETABLE PEELRS! ULTRA SHARP! GUARANTEED TO LAST! SET OF THREE!   JUST $15 PER SET!   CLICK NOW TO BUY!   3-Piece Peeler Set Very sharp blades can injure you. * Keep fingers away from blades when using and cleaning. * Keep out of children's reach. * Store with the protective cover on. CLEANING * Wash before using; dishwasher-safe. USE AND CARE 1. Carefully remove the storage cover by pressing gently on the tab at the top of the cover. Where to Buy the Best Vegetable Peelers! If you prepare food for a family, then at some point in time, you are going to have to use vegetable peelers to do the job. If you are like us, we have tried them all. We have purchased vegetable peelers of all sorts and descriptions from Wal-Mart, Target, Cosco, Dollar General, Dollar Tree and even tried thrift shops in search of the perfect vegetable peelers. Honestly, our journey always felt short. The vegetable peelers that we have found so far are pretty much the same as you have used